We would always recommend that a client reap the many benefits of living planting, therefore most of our installations are for real plants. However, sometimes we incorporate high-quality realistic artificial plants in areas that are inaccessible for regular maintenance, in extremely high and out-of-reach areas or in spaces that are too dark for real plants to survive.

All our plants are sustainably sourced and come with a plant passport for full traceability of where it has come from.

It depends on the client. When working with architects, we use their drawings and mood boards as guides to carefully select the right plants and pots to suit the environment and decor. We then send a proposal to the architect. Once the proposal has been approved, we deliver the plants and pots to the office and install them.

When working with clients directly, we begin with a walk around of their office. This allows us to view the space and get an idea of what they want and why they want to add plants to their space. We then put a plan together and send them visuals. From here, the client comes back with feedback, and we continue to tailor the plan until approved. Once approved, we deliver all plants and pots and install them on-site.

There are many benefits to adding plants to corporate spaces but the most popular reason is to purify and clean the air. Research also finds that the presence of plants reduces stress among employees.

Our standard service has a maintenance agreement, but in some cases, customers may choose to maintain the plants themselves. We visit twice per calendar month to maintain the plants.

No, if you avail of our maintenance agreement, there is no need to water plants between maintenance visits.

Despite the conditions of your office, you can still avail of corporate planting. This is because our service is entirely bespoke and suited to the conditions of your space and vision. If you have a dark or small office, our experienced team will carefully choose plants which will best work in your space.

A living wall is a built structure covered with living vegetation. Moss walls are created from clusters of preserved moss mounted onto backing boards or steel panels.

Yes, we can provide you with pollinating plants. We also create sedum roofs for clients. These roofs improve the ESG rating of your building and nurture bees and wildlife.

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